Friday, March 9, 2012 ~ A room with a view

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hospital discharge notes pic

A week ago I was making breakfast and packing my lunch and I was overcome with a horrific stomach ache. After an hour feeling as if I’d been shot in the abdomen I called my friend M and she drove me to the hospital.  Six hours later   wheeled out of surgery into a room on the fifteenth floor oncology unit. My room was lovely, private north-western facing with a view of the city and park. I was one sick puppy again, but healing through the magic of surgery. They checked my vitals once an hour until late into the afternoon the next day.

Diagnosis: small bowel obstruction treated by exploratory laparotomy for lysis of adhesion. This medical term is for the scar tissue blockage of my bowel and prevent my blueberries and walnuts from breakfast to pass through. There was a backup on the freeway of my intestines. Undeniably painful.  This was my  second bout in as many years only this time they had to go inside and untangle things. So, no heavy lifting or hot yoga for now, five weeks. Believe me I am counting.

Apparently scar tissue is not an unusual side effect of abdominal surgery. Ugh! Talk about putting a cramp in my side. I spent four days with the lovely RNs and PCTs of Virginia Mason. They provided wonderful nurturing care. And i was very fortunate to have my favorite friends and loved one visit me.


Foreground / Background

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Foreground / Background

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Hanging out at Gas Works park in Fremont after the Solstice parade.

Friday, September 24, 2010 ~ Clear liquid diet and 4 walks

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Slept okay, on and off through the night. Doc came in this morning and granted me rights to a clear liquid diet. Right on!! Red jello, english breakfast tea, vanilla boost, hard candies, ice. Sipping slowly. . . alot of food coloring, From my hospital mate’s side I’m sm,elling bacon. My gut is quiet now and I don’t have pain. I am good. Ready to go. Now I just have to convince the docs.  Oh, and the nurse tells me I have to do four walks down the hallway today to avoid the blood clot shot. Given I was planning to walk nine mile yesterday, I think I can handle this.

11 pm 9-23-10 From the hospital I post, ugh!!

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Shortly after posting this morning I was overcome with a horrible tummy ache. I was at work and I tried a short nap but it did not help. I awoke with an aching gut.  I called Tad and he came to get me right away. After about four hours of misery at home we left for the ER. I was doubled over, in tears from the intense abdominal pains.  I was admitted, given a narcotic for the pain. They took blood and I was treated to an EKG and a CT scan of my abdomen (which was painless.)  Blood tests revealed nothing of concern but the CT scan indicated a slight blockage from scar tissue.

It has been two years since my take down surgery and I have had virtually no problems. However, as sit here in reflection, I am aware I’ve had scar tissue blockage symptoms for a bit now.  The doctors say with time the blockage may open up on its own. I am hoping to get out of here tomorrow. Afterall, I have a full weekend!  I tell myself, think positive and in my sweetest dreams, heal!

It is 3 am and I am awake. Slept too much during the day. Delicously hungry. I am pain free without meds. They wanted to give me something to sleep but I saw no point as I am well and not in need of sleep. So, I write. I am recieving IV maintenance of saline and potassium. T.V. is on. Something about wild moose running amuck in the suburbs of Anchorage, AK.

September 23, 2010 – Strong & Healthy, Eternally Grateful

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Mt. Veron, Washington Tulip Festival

I thought I would share this response to one of my readers. Recovery from surgery depends alot upon your own personal state of health and attitude. I had my first surgery in July of 2008. followed by takedown in November. I was 49 years old and in good physical health. The doctors and nurses assured me I was a good candidate. I was young, healthy, thing. (They stressed the thin & young part alot!) I felt scared, frightened, anxious and experienced many of the symptoms you describe: exhausted, weak, bloated, crampy, emotional unstable, angry, depressed, with multiple aches and pains. Many of these symptoms are because your body is starving and lacking in vital nutrients, minerals, vitamins and all the good stuff. This makes you not feel good. You won’t feel good until you are better: either medication stabilizes or you have your colon removed. I had the disease for over twenty years. I maintained with many meds but in the end, the meds stopped working and they recomended colon removal. For me, it was the right thing to do. I would suggest that first you trust yourself, listen to your doctors. Don’t be swayed new-fangled woo-woo stuff that could be very dangerous. My opinion is that science based medicine is the best. But, also that one’s own personal attitude of willingness and openess and fearlessness helps too. Ask the hard questions. Don’t let anybody intimidate you. Be polite, but keep asking. You do want your caretakers on your side so you want them to trust you. But you have to trust them to, so it’s okay to push on things you are unclear about. It is their job to take care of you and get you healthy. I am going on my third year in recovery and I am strong and healthy and thankful every day. The quality of my life is a precious and special thing. Being in partnership with others who literally have your life in your hands is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I wish you the best in health, wellness and spirit.

December 21, 2009 ~ One month, and one year later

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Seattle marathon

Rainy, cloudy, 45 degrees

I barely think about my condition now. I am healthy and lucky, I guess. The days are short and tonight is the solstice. It is already dark up here in the northwest. The curves are back and my face is once more round again. The skeleton days  are a thing of the past. I am eternally greatful for good health. On November 29 of the this year I participated in the Seattle marathon. I walked 13.10 miles. It was awesome.  

Earlier this year, in August, I took a trip alone to the vast, wide open Southwest, Marfa, Texas. 

Me -- airport - goofing off

 And Marfa, is magical. The people there are so happy. They say there is lithium in the water.


Raks Meleka – YMCA Bellydance Benefit

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Raks Meleka – YMCA Bellydance Benefit

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